Just Because

Have travel, will love

Travel feeds the need for more travel…why is that? However nice it is to come home to what’s familiar and sleep in your own bed, travel always leaves you a little bit changed and wanting a whole lot more…

I want to wander the streets of Paris at night and feel the vibrations of love that pulse through the city. I want to bathe naked in the hot springs in an empty Icelandic countryside while the Northern Lights streak across the sky above my head. I want to get drunk on good Italian wine and stuff myself with homemade pasta while lazing in the rolling Tuscan hills. I want to take in the insanity of New York City, then escape to the chillness of the California coastline. I have a deep longing to smell the dewy, freshwater-infused air of Loch Ness again, and wonder if that smell exists anywhere else in the world; I want to find it if it does. I want to wiggle my toes in the sand and sport tan lines from just about every beach in the world. I want to sit on a cliff in Laos while a gentle waterfall rushes around me like I’m not even there. I can’t wait to feel the roar of the crowd in Pittsburgh around me this fall when I finally check off a home game from my bucket list. I want to fall in love with places I’ve never even heard of yet and let each one fill up the empty corners of my soul. I want to see. it. all.

Care to join me?


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