#guelphmusicclub gets reflective

Well hello there.

It’s been quite some time since I’ve posted, hasn’t it? I know, I know, but I actually have a few very good reasons for that. (No, really.) In early spring, my life exploded. For real. *insert sonic explosion sound effect* Shit, everywhere. Getting out of bed and going to work was challenge enough, let alone writing outside of the eight hours a day I’m paid to do it. So I didn’t.

But the itch to write has returned, so I’m back.

An extra push came recently when twitter dude @matcalverley invited me to this thing called #guelphmusicclub, where music lovers like me can wax poetic about music and write up some recommendations to share with others. (I have been called a music snob once or twice in my life, it’s true.) From what I gather, topics change up, but the most recent assignment is our personal top five songs of 2014. I’ll be totally honest, my music snobbery has gotten to such a level that most new music just pisses me off. I rarely get excited about new music anymore and if the only access to music I have is the radio, it’ s on a retro or classic rock station. Unless you’re 12, don’t even talk to me about how like, totally awesome Katy Perry is, cuz it makes me want to throat-punch you. (More about my anger issues in another post.) That doesn’t mean I don’t try to find new music worth my time and money; it’s just not always easy. My point is, let my snobbery be your assurance that whatever I recommend to you, I do so with real conviction. That said, (get to the point, right?) here’s the first of my five top songs from 2014.

Heavenly from Got A Girl‘s album I Love You But I Must Drive Off This Cliff

I could actually recommend this entire album to you without hesitation, but the task was top song, so I chose the one I gravitate to most often. Anyone who knows me knows I think Dan the Automator is THE. SHIT. His knack for finding singers whose voices could melt butter is unsurpassed. I was not at all surprised to fall in love with his latest project. (If you haven’t already exposed yourself to his work, I also highly recommend Lovage – a sultry, oversexed…I don’t even know what. Just…yah. Seeing them live was, in a word, surreal.)

Given the theme of my life over the past year (read into that what you will), the opening lyrics to the song are what really grab me:

Hate the way you’re looking at me
How is it that you’re so unhappy
How is it when I look in your eyes
I can never see past the lies

Just strikes a chord for me on a personal level. But overall, this album is a treat to listen to. I feel like I should be in a convertible driving down a sunny coast while it plays. And any music that transports me like that is worth putting on repeat.

Got A Girl. Go get it.

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