#guelphmusicclub week 2

First, let me thank everyone who checked out my post last week for #guelphmusicclub. I love sharing good music with people, so I’m happy to have (hopefully) added to some of your music libraries.

My week 2 selection is for the hip hop heads out there who love their old school (me) and perhaps find it a challenge to embrace some of the new school artists. (Also me.) The Roots have been around for uhhh…a long time. Don’t make me age myself by saying how long, ok? Let’s just say I grew up on a steady diet of Run D.M.C, Beastie Boys, Public Enemy…you do the math.

Over the last couple years, there’s been a resurgence of rap and hip hop greats (Chuck D, Q-Tip/Busta Rhymes, De La Soul, and now WU-TANG!) releasing remixes, collaborations, J Dilla dedications, and so on… and then there’s The Roots, who never really stopped making music. And well, thank the hip hop gods for that. Enjoy.

When The People Cheer (feat. Modesty Lycan & Greg Porn) by The Roots from their latest album …And Then You Shoot Your Cousin

(I love the stop animation in the vid too, though I have no idea how it relates to the video. Try not to think about it too much.)

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