#guelphmusicclub week 4

I seriously can’t believe this hasn’t been one of the top 5 of 2014 #guelphmusicclub picks yet…which possibly means I just bogarted some final week picks for a bunch of you. Cuz really, how does Death From Above 1979 go unnoticed this long?

I was fortunate enough to see these gritty mofos at Club Denim in Guelph back in….*checks ticket stub*…2004 (opening for Metric and Billy Talent). Yah I said Club Denim. Had it been a fully licensed show it would have been better, but then I would never have seen *actual* visceral fear in the wee kiddies eyes when the mosh pit swallowed them whole. (It’s wrong that I found that funny, isn’t it? K nevermind.)

My pick from the latest album The Physical World is Virgins – they’re all solid tracks, but I find this one most boogie-able.

*boogies down*

Nuff said. Enjoy. (No vid, sorry. Click the link above to sample. Pff, like you don’t already own it.)